Our Founder

“I am an Aspen native who struggled through school, but eventually earned my PhD in educational leadership from DU in 2010. I attended all types of schools as a student and found one central theme throughout: learning was deepest when it could be connected to real-world concepts . This became even clearer when I returned to Aspen to start my teaching career as a “Mentor-Challenge Coordinator” at the Aspen Middle School- I started to really see the impact of this kind of education through service and project based learning. In fact, I was so excited by the sparkle in kids’ eyes when they could do something purposeful and learn at the same time that I conducted my PhD research on service learning. After 18 years of teaching at the middle school in various positions, but mostly in 5th grade, I find myself really wanting to get back to this authentic, problem based form of education so that students can get excited about learning and connect it to powerful 21st century skills that they will need to be successful both in and out of school.”

-Georgina Levey

Certifications and Experience:

  • Licensed CO teacher K-6 and Special Education
  • MA Special Education (moderate needs)
  • PhD in Educational Leadership
  • Principal Licensure
  • Colorado Commercial Driver for school buses
  • Wilderness First Responder and First Aid/CPR Instructor
  • Recently expired Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard (intend to recertify before end of summer)
  • Outdoor education facilitator and trip leader