• Size: 6 student limit; 4th-6th grades (students entering any of these grades can attend; older grades may be accommodated as needed after next year)
  • Meeting space: Stepping Stones Center in Carbondale and/or dedicated space in Aspen (depends on where students live and other factors)
  • Transportation: Provided by me in a suitable vehicle at the beginning and end of each day (I am a certified school bus driver for the Aspen School District)
  • Basic classroom needs: a Chromebook or laptop. All other day-to-day materials will be provided
  • Tuition: $15,000/year (includes everything except optional daily field trip fees ($100/year) and/or extended trip fees (no more than $200 per trip). There will be a required deposit of $5,000 and then remaining tuition can be divided over course of school year. Financial aid can be discussed.
  • Student learning and evaluation practices: The Common Core will be used as a framework for keeping students on track and a standards based evaluation system will be used to monitor academic growth and learning behaviors. However, a considerable amount of effort will be spent teaching students how to be reflective of their own learning, how to set goals, and how to communicate learning to parents and others so that they take a strong role in understanding themselves as students.
  • Curriculums/practices used:
    • Singapore Math, (online grammar and math support)
    • Newsela (current events and reading support)
    • novel studies (literature and writing)
    • Mind-Up (pro-social learning)
    • (coding)
    • Socratic seminar methods; Being A Writer and Making Meaning strategies and framework (literacy)
  • Additional teaching support: There are several very talented math teachers who will be called in each Wednesday to help students dig deeper into math and STEM concepts that will help students incorporate their learning into topics of interest. Also, a substitute will be called if I can’t be available to teach on certain school days.
  • Calendar: Approximately Labor Day to Memorial Day. Fall break (Oct. 16-20), Thanksgiving (November 20-24), Winter break (December 22th-January 5th), MLK Day (January 15th), President’s Day (February 19th), Spring Break (March 22nd-30th)